A Typical Sunday

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If you've ever asked yourself how a chihuahua ends up in a top hat....

It starts with a big brother trying to watch the Patriots Pregame
  Sunday Morning 002

"Oh", said little sister, "Something for me to jump on!"
Sunday Morning 003

Which big brother very patiently accepted until he realizes that his little sister has a poopy diaper!
Sunday Morning 004

So, the  big brother looks for higher ground to protect himself against further attacks!

Sunday Morning 009

Now poop free, the little sister looks to entertain herself too!
Sunday Morning 017Sunday Morning 026

While the chihuahua looks along longingly wishing that she too could snuggle in the pile of blankets.
Sunday Morning 014

The big brother seeing this look of longing decides to come and snuggle with the sad chihuahua
Sunday Morning 028

that will surely cheer her up!
Sunday Morning 029

It almost worked too until the fed up chihuahua decides she has had enough nips the loving boy and quickly takes off
Sunday Morning 030

What was the big brother left to do but....
Sunday Morning 038

I'm not sure what the moral of this story is but I do know there is never a dull moment in this house!

Submitted for Wordless Wednesday even though it was posted on a Monday about a Sunday!!!
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